Most wanted features

Post here the features you would want. But please, restrain yourself to request about gettings AstroTab+ in your own language. I know all non english or french speaking would want this. Thus If you propose to translate for me, that’s manageable but it’s quite a workload.

Questions about AstroTab+ usage

Post here your questions about how to do something with AstroTab+ Some features may not be as clear as I intent to make them…

Free use of AstroTab+ for all former paid AstroTab users

HI, Even if the end of AstroTab was not of my doing, out of honesty and respect for all users who paid for the old application, I want to offer free use of this new version of AstroTab. As the transfer cannot be automatic, it requires manual intervention so that AstroTab+ users can continue to […]

Shared interpretations

The top first bad reports I got about astrotab pro was the interpretation quality. thoses were indeed really bad for some of them. This is quite a long and heavy task to get good interpretation as this represent around a mininimum of 800 texts, considering english is not my native language. With this in mind, […]

How to import natal charts on AstroTab+

Due to storage access restriction on earlier android version, I decided to rework all this part that was already present in Astrotab pro. First you need to launch astrotab pro (RIP) then go the natal charts list. In the popup menu accessible in the top left corner, choose “export to SD”. an xml file should […]